True&Co. - Bras for Real Bodies!

Ladies, it’s time to get real on here. I know I’m not the only woman in the world who absolutely hates bra shopping. It’s uncomfortable, time-consuming, and always ends up being a disappointment. Everywhere I go, I get measured and strangely end up with a different size. (Seriously?!) By the time it’s all over, I’m let down with my choices, and what I thought felt fine in the fitting room ends up being a literal pain after wearing it all day. So what’s a girl to do? Luckily, I was approached by the sweethearts behind True&Co and challenged to give their bras a try.


True&Co. is created by women for women. They understand women’s bodies, how we’re all different, and what our needs are based on our specific shape.

Who else absolutely cannot go braless? As much as I would love to just be free, my girls just weren’t built that way. It’s unflattering - not to mention not conducive to my workplace. I have to wear something. I’ve had zero luck with the pretty lace bralettes because they don’t provide support and the straps dig into my shoulders. Regular padded bras are just so wrong to me, and Las Vegas is way too hot to be wearing extra layers anyway.

I graduated from Victoria’s Secret after college was over (and after spending a few years working there). I learned relatively quickly the difference between a good bra and a basic bra. I’d compare Victoria’s Secret bras to Forever 21; nothing wrong with fast and trendy fashion, but the quality definitely leaves something to be desired. What looks pretty doesn’t always fit pretty. So I began shopping in what I considered the “mom bra” sections of department stores. There, I found myself gravitating towards the lacy numbers with an underwire but no padding. I fell in love, but not with their lack of choices.

True&Co. basically came to me like angels guiding the way at night.


It was like my stylist could read my mind. She knew I was in need of a new bra and she wasted no time helping me find a great one. First, she asked me some questions about my story and struggles - what I hated, what I loved, and what I needed. Then, she had me take the their Fit Quiz to find my top 3 bras and sizes. It was so easy (and not gonna lie, kinda fun too). Within a matter of minutes, my 3 best bras were recommended to me. I was sent one of each, along with the comfiest pair of panties to match.

What I received was the True Body Racerback Tank, True Body Scoop Neck, and the True Weekend Lifting Wirefree Contour.

True Body Racerback Tank

True Body Racerback Tank

  • Perfect under sweaters

  • Perfect on its own

  • Works as an additional smoothing layer

  • Removable pads

  • Wire-free

  • V-Neck!!

True Body Scoop Neck

True Body Scoop Neck

  • Most popular, highest-rated bra

  • Comes in lift option or regular

  • Extremely light-weight

  • Feels like wearing nothing

  • Removable pads

  • Wire-free

True Weekend Lifting Wirefree Contour

True Weekend Lifting Wirefree Contour

  • Subtle lift

  • Adjustable straps

  • Provides support

  • So comfy!!

If you would have asked me this time last year - would I ever blindly buy a bra online? I’d say you’re crazy. But I’m hooked now! Plus, True&Co. offers free returns and free shipping over $75. No more bad experiences, just happy boobs. :)

Thank you to True&Co. for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.