Our Honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Our Honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

After our wedding and mini-honeymoon to the Redwoods, we knew we had to take time to reset and focus on other major changes going on in our lives. We started house hunting in June and closed on our first home in July! We had been gifted this amazing honeymoon trip to Puerto Vallarta on our wedding day and decided to take it in August once everything was settled.

It was Sean and I's first time ever in Mexico, and we were so excited to take time off from real life and enjoy our days by the water, eating ceviche and drinking tequila! :) We had the opportunity to spend a week at Vidanta's beautiful Mayan Palace Resort, which overlooked the ocean and the resort's amazing scenery. While there, we had planned a photo session with Adriana Cruz - an insanely talented photographer based in Mexico. She ended up spending the entire day with us, then the next day took us to the beach and showed us some local spots. Seriously the sweetest person, we had such a great time!


We started with a little in-house session in our hotel room, something we had never done before, but we were excited to have some romantic, true-to-life photos of the two of us that leaned towards a more intimate side.


After grabbing a quick lunch outside of the resort at a local seafood restaurant, we returned to the resort, put on something a little fancier (can you believe this is a F21 dress?!), and took the session outside to show off the beauty of Vidanta.


We had barely made it out to the beach when the rain started pouring! Adriana was such a trooper, staying out there with us to capture those beautiful rainy shots. We wrapped up the whole session with a little stroll through the resort's enormous grounds, loving on each other every step of the way.

This little getaway was hands down our favorite wedding present, and a nice break from moving into our new home. While we were sad that it had to end, we were also really excited to be getting back to our house and getting started on some renovation work!


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