My 5 Favorite Las Vegas Photoshoot Locations

Hey all! Wanted to do a quick round-up of some great, often underrated spots in Las Vegas to shoot at! Sean and I are always out running around, sourcing locations for clients and my own shoots. But today I've narrowed down my favorite, sure-thing spots that always deliver. So if you're in a creative rut or looking to add a different dimension to your photos, read on!

Top of Hotel Parking Garages

Like this one shot on the Flamingo hotel rooftop. The amazing thing about hotel parking garages is the great views they give you of the city. Depending on which direction you shoot in, you can get a nice variation of different backgrounds. ALSO, they're usually free of other people, so if you're one of those people who gets shy shooting around huge crowds, this one is for you! The greyish concrete tones work well for any type of feed, which is a huge plus. Let your outfit shine girl!!

Desert / Red Rock Loop (Blue Diamond)

We shot one of our anniversary sessions here. I love love love shooting in nature, and we have so much of it here in Vegas. You can soak in the beauty of the surrounding desert and it works well with warmer outfits. Perfect spot for all your upcoming fall looks!

Vintage Motels

Like this one and this one. VINTAGE MOTELS ARE MY FAVORITE, hands down. You get great pops of color for spring and summer outfits, and they're super unique if you're all about creating a retro feel in your photos. Take advantage of all the cool places we still have around the city before they tear them down one day in favor of a huge new casino! :(

Bellagio Fountains


A must-see Vegas attraction.  If you're lucky enough to catch it while the fountain show is actually playing, then don't hesitate! I do recommend getting there super early on a weekend, like before 10 am so you can avoid all the tourists popping up in your shot. There are different spots around the fountain that provide alternate views of the strip, but they're all clean & crisp with easy tones that work for most looks.

Tivoli Village (corner of Rampart & Alta - Summerlin)

Tivoli village is a popular shopping mall located in the beautiful Summerlin area. it is reminiscent of an Italian village with beautiful building exteriors to match. The tones here are on the more neutral side, but provide so much depth and texture. I love the columns, arches, and paved walkways for outfit closeups and detail shots.

Hopefully you'll be able to give some of these spots a try! It's so hard to narrow down just 5, but these are a must if you're feeling like you're in a creative rut and need some inspiration. If you do have a chance to shoot at any of these locations, let me know how it goes!