5 Favorite Las Vegas Bloggers

Long before starting up this blog, I would spend hours every day reading other peoples’ blogs. I loved learning about the girls behind the social media accounts, taking photographic tours of their gorgeous homes, and getting all the details on the must-have styles, sales, and items of the season. But I always thought that blogging was reserved for only those who lived super lavish lifestyles, had apartments right by the beach in California or lived in a New York high rise, or maybe just those who were blessed with a certain amount of followers on Instagram.


It wasn’t until I was pushed to starting my own that I learned anyone could be a blogger. All you really need is something to share with the world. It became clear that so long as you were passionate about your topic and stayed authentic to yourself, your audience would find you. So I started blogging about easy things - major events that took place in my life, starting with my wedding, our honeymoon, and other little trips Sean and I took together. From there, I started finding my own niche on Instagram and began incorporating some of my daily looks and home renovation stories on the blog. That’s where I started to see a major jump in number of visitors and readers.

As I wrote more and worked on growing my social media accounts all around, I started finding more and more women who blog in Las Vegas. It was so amazing to learn about this network of passionate, creative influencers who shared a similar love for our city, regardless of what IG realm or “niche” they belonged to. I finally felt like I was a part of something, and it made me more proud than ever to live in this desert.


So before I keep rambling, I wanted to share 5 of my absolute favorite Las Vegas bloggers and influencers.


The Nomis Niche

Lindsey is seriously the definition of a “lady boss.” Not only is she a TV personality for a local Las Vegas news station, but she is also a blogger, content creator, and mom! (Mom goals for real.) I always love reading about her tips for how to style one piece in different ways to keep it feeling fresh, as well as her on- and off-screen beauty secrets. Her style is so classic and put-together and she does such an amazing job of pairing high-end items with budget-friendly pieces. // Instagram


2 The Runway

Cassie’s blog is the go-to for the coolest things to do in Las Vegas. She has the best guides for where to shop and eat, as well as the most photo-worthy spots you wouldn’t normally think of. For anyone who hasn’t been to Vegas before, or even those who have but are ready for another trip back, she does a great job of showing you a different side of our city. // Instagram


Gracious and Grateful

I had the pleasure of meeting Kassidy when she helped the hubby and I out on a lookbook we were hired to shoot. She had such a great energy, was so easy to photograph, and overall just such a sweet human being! It was after working with her that I learned more about her story of losing a brother to cancer. I was truly surprised to learn that she had gone through so much at such a young age, but was still able to keep her head up and remain so positive about the world around her. What she writes about is raw and honest, and it really makes you appreciate the value of life. For anyone who has ever suffered any loss or tragedy, Kassidy’s blog is an inspirational read. // Instagram


Wrangling The Le’s

For all the Vegas moms out there - this one is a must for you! Tia is one half of the mastermind behind Vegas Cafe Moms - a group of moms that meet up at the cutest spots around town, and get some much-deserved time to socialize and build friendships with other mamas. I’m not personally a mom myself, but she always has me wanting to tag along anyway! It doesn’t take a genius - or even a non-mom like myself - to know how hard it is for stay at home moms to make new friends, so I totally commend her for getting out there and finding a way to bring like-minded women together. Plus, her kids are adorable! // Instagram


Danielle Perea

Following Danielle is like following a friend you’ve known since you were little. She’s so real and doesn’t try to be like anyone else - you can’t help but feel inspired by her. (Oh, and she’s a great singer too! Stop it!!) Her style is always on point, her love is precious, and she seems like such a genuinely kind soul. I love keeping up with with all the looks she puts together and reading about favorite spots in the city. // Instagram

That’s it, guys! There are definitely many more desert babes worth following and getting to know, so this list was by no means an easy one to narrow down. If you have any other suggestions or a favorite of your own, please leave a comment below! Thank you for all for supporting us Vegas girls and following along on our journeys!