Pink Box Doughnuts

Pink Box Doughnuts

You know that one favorite junk food that you just can’t live without? The one that you swear you’re going to give up when you start that diet on Monday, but you never actually do? Yeah, that one. For me, it has always been doughnuts.


There's no boxes that a donut doesn't check off. Last weekend, I had Sean make an emergency stop for me at PinkBox Doughnuts to satiate my craving. Will my dieting self hate me? Probably. Will I regret it later? Most likely. But in that moment, nothing in the world is better than a warm, fresh doughnut. Maybe it's the creative toppings, or the crazy flavor combos that keep bringing me back to PinkBox... or maybe it's the fact that it's open a convenient 24 hours a day and only a few blocks away from our house. I'll never know.


But what I do know is this - I have yet to meet a doughnut that I'm not in love with. Not sorry.