Shopping Vintage with Ragstock

One of our favorite things to do when the weather isn’t delicious is rummage through antique stores. We don’t always find things to bring home, but we almost always find things to fall in love with! This past weekend we visited one of our favorite ones here in Vegas, which also happens to be a great place for impromptu photo shoots! It seemed fitting enough, since I was dressed up in some of my new vintage gear, courtesy of Ragstock.

In case you’re not familiar with Ragstock, they are an online clothing store that sells both new and vintage clothing. My favorite section is the used vintage because like I’ve mentioned in the past, spending hours digging through clothing racks at local thrift shops just doesn’t fit into my busy schedule! I love that Ragstock has already done most of the heavy lifting for me. They send buyers out to LA and NYC who come back with some awesome finds to sell online. But for those of you who prefer in-person experiences, they do have about 40 stores across the Midwest. :)


I’m all about simplified shopping, and Ragstock’s online team is super small, which means the selection is much more curated and on-trend. It makes the entire shopping experience so much easier because I haaate going through pages and pages of crappy clothes online just to land on a gem. (Like seriously how lazy am I? LOL sorry ‘bout itttt!)

On this day, I was sporting a vintage Las Vegas Harley shirt that I snagged at Ragstock, along with this fun and colorful zip-up windbreaker. It reminded me of something my mom used to wear in the 90’s so I had to have it. :) I paired everything with a pair of corduroy flares I’ve had for forever and some combat boots. Nothing really made sense, but that’s why I loved the entire outfit so much.

Favorite part of the entire day though was posing in some of the coolest booths in this antique mall. Enjoy!