Summer Hallway Decor Updates

Summer Hallway Decor Updates

Now that a major project has been lifted off our shoulders, Sean has had some time to focus on the renovations in the guest bathroom, while I get to focus all of my attention again on decorating our little home!

I wanted to start off with this mini linen "closet" (cabinet? storage? what are we calling this thing?!) we have in the hallway. Usually spaces like this tend to go ignored because so long as they function, who cares, right? That's definitely one way to look at it, but for us this space became such an eyesore every time we would enter the house. Since we usually enter through the garage and not the front door, we see straight through this hallway into the master bedroom. This little space literally became a dumping ground for our mail, keys, my purse, Sean's things from work, water bottles, etc. I tried to avoid making eye contact with it every time I walked by because it just caused me anxiety seeing how disheveled it all was.


The first thing we decided to do was tile the wall/backsplash area. We really struggled with deciding on a tile and pattern for this space because it is visible from both entrances (garage door and front door). We wanted something classic, neutral, and easy enough to work around whenever we refresh our decor. Ultimately, we ended up choosing these elongated subway tiles in bright white. Paired with the black grout, we felt that it would match the color schemes we have going on in the other bathrooms, as well as our plans for the laundry room and kitchen. Because subway tile can get a little drab, we decided to lay these in a herringbone pattern to add a some dimension and pattern. In retrospect, we could have gone with smaller tiles, but we still love the way these turned out.

Once it was time for decor, we opted for fresh flowers (when don't flowers work out, seriously?), a vintage catch-all bowl from a local antique store, this gorgeous terra cota vase from Target's Project 62 line, and a few other pieces that hold a special place in our hearts.


Finally, we knew we needed to add some art ASAP to fill in the huge white space around it an to add some "oomph." We spent a lot of time sourcing through Society6's wall art section (trust me, so much fun to browse art!) and ended up choosing this piece by Marco Melgrati called "The Zoo." Sean and I always have this silly conversation about what if aliens visited our planet, what would they have to say about the way we all live? How crazy would we all look to them? I think this work does a great job of showing one possible scenario - where a group of aliens is visiting a zoo and viewing a caged up human family right beside a cage of zebras. NBD, just another average day. ;)


So there it is! Our budget-friendly, super quick refresh took us all of one weekend to put together and ended up being a fun little project to work on together! Now whenever we walk in the door, we're more appreciative of the space and have been mindful of where we drop off our junk. We love integrating "boring" parts of our home in with our style.. I feel like it ties everything in together and really helps show off your entire aesthetic in a more cohesive way. Now hopefully we can keep it looking this nice for a while!

REMEMBER ~ Links to everything are located at the end of the post! (Except Bambi, she's not for sale!) :)



Wall Tile // Art Print (Ours is 15x21 with Pecan frame) // Vase // Bowl (Vintage) // Instax Frame (Similar) // Top // Jeans (On sale!!)