Winter Blues: Hartz Home Protection Quilted Plus Dog Pads

Winter Blues: Hartz Home Protection Quilted Plus Dog Pads

Thank you Hartz for sponsoring this post. Hartz Dog Pads are America’s #1 brand of dog pads and are available nationwide at Walmart, Amazon and your local grocery store.


If you’ve been a long-time follower, then you’re already familiar with the love of my life: our rescue Chihuahua, Bambi. For those of you who are new around here, you’ll come to learn that she is an absolute diva about literally everything. We’re not even sure if she knows she’s a dog, because she acts more like a human being.

Lately with the Vegas rain and general bad weather, she’s been making a huge stink about going outside to do her business. We have a dog door so she is free to come and go as she pleases, and the girl doesn’t ever have an accident in the house... except for when it rains. I’m not sure if she’s afraid of the water or is just too much of a princess to get her paws wet. But for whatever reason, she’ll get halfway out the door and then turns right back around to come inside.

Problem Solved

Sometimes while we’re at work, we get really lucky and come home to find that she held it all day. Other times, we’ll find a little surprise by the back door. When we are home in the evening, we’ve been having to physically pick her up and place her on the covered side of the house and it has just become too much of a hassle.

We recently decided to give Hartz Home Protection Quilted Plus Dog Pads a try to see if she would allow herself some relief during these wet days. They’re conveniently available nationwide at Walmart, Amazon, and most local grocery stores.


We’ve taken Bambi back to her potty training days by placing Hartz Dog Pads in places where she has previously had accidents: by her dog door and by the back sliding doors.  Like clockwork, I’ve been coming home from work every day to a soiled pad and a guilt-free Bambi, which is instantly rewarding.

What are they?

So what exactly are Hartz Home Protection Quilted Plus Dog Pads?

Hartz Dog Pads have quilted pockets and use FlashDry® Gel technology to lock in moisture and neutralize any unpleasant odors with a clean powder scent. They are also fast-absorbing, which means they won’t sit around wet or soak through to the floor underneath.

Hartz Dog Pads are America’s #1 brand of dog pads and have outperformed against competitors. What makes them so special is the patented FlashDry® Gel technology that instantly turns liquid into gel. By the time I come home, I don’t smell any lingering odors and I do not have to wipe up underneath the pad. (Thank the heavens!)


Thanks to their huge success around our house, we’ve stashed a few pads in the car for road trips and hotel room stays, which I know is going to be a huge life-saver on some of our upcoming trips this spring!

Dog-parents out there – let me know in the comments if this situation sounds all too familiar and what you’ve been doing to remedy it!

This post is is sponsored by Hartz. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Sponsored posts such as these allow me to continue running this blog and sharing bits of my life with all of you. Thank you for your support!