Hidden Vegas Gems: Diamond Inn Motel

I decided that instead of keeping these spots to myself like a location hoarder, I'm going to go ahead and start sharing these hidden gems that Sean and I have found and shot at along the way. It should actually turn into a fun series! Some of them are not-so-hidden (like the one in today's post), and others are totally off the beaten path. You may have actually spotted these gems quite a lot (if you're also a local), but I'm hoping to show you their beauty through a new set of eyes.


This location, that we've lovingly dubbed the "Pink Elephant Motel," is right across the street from Mandalay Bay. You seriously can't miss it.. there's a giant pink elephant right in the front! Apparently the elephant was brought over from Disney World and used to make sounds. My only regret is not climbing on top of it for the ultimate 'gram picture, but hey. Can't afford a ticket right now. ;)

This gem was built in 1940 and fulfills all of my mid-century dreams. And probably yours, too. Would I recommend spending the night there? Maybe, if you're brave. But probably not. Actually, no. Just don't. Go there for the photo ops and then keep driving, friends!


Since it was a typical 100+ degree summer day in Vegas, I paired this cute striped bodysuit with the most amazing American Apparel a-line denim skirt, a retro pair of round sunnies, and my absolute favorite hat ever (hands down) from Brixton. **Update: The hat is sold out! So I've linked similar options!** Shop the post below!


I'm so stoked to get this series going and can't wait to share more of our hidden Las Vegas gems with you guys! Let me know what you think and if you have any favorite LV spots that I absolutely have to visit!