Best Dinner in Las Vegas: THE Steak House

As a Vegas resident and native, I am constantly being asked for recommendations on the best place to ____ fill in the blank. The most common category I get asked about is food, and the best places to find a great meal. At the far North end of Las Vegas Blvd is Circus Circus - a classic hotel that has withstood the tests of time and still stands unchanged in this era of demolish-rebuild-repeat. Tucked away inside the casino is THE Steak House (yes, capitalize THE because it’s the name and because it deserves the title).

THE Steak House has been around for over 30 years, and one man - Ron, the general manager - has been around to watch it grow from the beginning. Year after year, THE Steak House at Circus Circus has been the recipient of distinguished awards - all well-deserving, because it is categorized as one of the best (if not THE best) establishment for steak in the city.


Stepping inside instantly takes you back in time, to days long past in Las Vegas. The interior is dark and sexy, and the swanky decor makes you forget you’re inside of the family-friendly Circus Circus. The waiters are all dressed up in proper suits, and many have been around since the restaurant’s early days. They are extremely knowledgeable on the food and drink menu, and I highly recommend you take their word on what to order! We did, and we were not disappointed.

*Disclaimer: Sean and I are pescatarian, which means we only eat seafood (not other meats). This was not an issue at THE Steak House, as it is widely known for its fresh shrimp and lobster tails.

When we arrived for our reservation, we were seated at a giant booth overlooking the entire restaurant. I’d definitely call it one of the best seats in the house, because we had a perfectly unobstructed view of the exhibition-style, open-hearth grilling station. This is where the magic truly happens, and we were fortunate to watch it all go down.


Prior to ordering any food, we had to dive right in to the alcohol (in true Vegas fashion). The extensive wine list easily fulfills any craving, but we went with beer and a cocktail. And another. And another.


At the recommendation of our waiter, we started off our dinner with the jumbo shrimp on ice. We could instantly see why the waiter was so quick to recommend this appetizer - the shrimp were perfectly cooked, so meaty, and definitely one of the best we’ve had. The plating was absolutely gorgeous too, and they were kind enough to split the order into two separate plates for us to enjoy.


For our main course, we ordered the double lobster tails, which came with the option of salad or black bean soup (the best black bean soup I’ve ever had, hands down) and garlic mashed potato, baked potato, or a blend of wild rice (we both went with the garlic mashed, another great recommendation from our waiter). Also included with every entree is fresh baked breads and veggies. The veggie option on this night was asparagus. Sean raved that it was some of the best asparagus he’s had (gee, thanks) and both of us fell in love with our lobster. As full as I was at this point, I didn’t leave one bite on my plate.


We ended our meal with not one, but TWO desserts - creme brulee and a slice of chocolate cake - since we couldn’t decide which one we wanted more. Again, we were not disappointed. They were both rich and decadent… The perfect way to end any meal. On our way out, we had to stop and admire the glass-enclosed aging room, where every cut of beef is aged to perfection for 21 days before being prepared to order.


The level of service and class at THE Steak House is unmatched. Every little detail has been thought out and perfected, down to the little things like coming by to take away your lobster shells as soon as you’ve pulled the meat out. The GM, Ron, took time to stop by and check on every table periodically. The man ran the room with his staff like I’ve never seen another GM do, and it’s that type of work-ethic that lends itself to why a restaurant is so successful. This type of attention seems to have become lost in today’s food industry, but THE Steak House prides itself on not only the quality of its food, but the quality of your entire experience. That being said, the price point makes sense, as it was hands-down one of the best meals and dining experiences we’ve had on the Strip. Definitely a place to take your significant other on a date, or really anybody that you’re looking to impress.

Thank you so much for having us, and we can’t wait to return again!

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