Blogger Trip: Los Cabos

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I recently spent a weekend in Mexico on a blogger trip with 3 other boss babes. We spent 3 full days in Los Cabos, creating content, getting to know each other, and just taking a break from real life and responsibilities to relax by the water.

Hotel El Ganzo

It felt so amazing to get away from the killer Vegas heat and spend my days at the beach! We were lucky enough to stay at the most unique and serene hotel - El Ganzo. El Ganzo is most famously known for the artists and musicians that spend time there on their getaways (like Adam Levine!). The entire hotel is covered in contemporary art and even has a hidden recording studio in the basement!

We each had our own luxurious room that came complete with a soaking tub and gorgeous views. In fact, we learned that at this exclusive boutique hotel, EVERY room has a view of the ocean and marina, so no one feels left out!

Our first night was spent getting to know each other at El Ganzo’s downstairs restaurant over some of the freshest guacamole I’ve ever had and of course, BOMB DRINKS. We all called it an early night to prepare for day 2’s shenanigans.

Acre Baja

If you’re planning a trip to Cabo, you MUST visit Acre Baja. It is known for its lush gardens, tranquil vibes, and great food. We were given a tour of the grounds, which included a sustainable garden, horses, goats, and dogs that the staff have rescued. YES, RESCUED DOGS. A million points to Acre Baja for doing such great things for their community!

We spent the afternoon obsessing over how delicious the food and drinks were, then quickly made our way over to their serene pool surrounded by cactuses and mango trees.


Honestly, had I known about Acre Baja a few years ago, I would have convinced all my friends and family to fly out and have my wedding there! BUT YOU DEFINITELY SHOULD IF YOU’RE PLANNING A WEDDING!

SUR Beach House

On day 3, we made our way over from San Jose to Cabo San Lucas to spend the day at SUR. Walking into SUR, you automatically feel like a VIP. It gave me major Santorini vibes with all the cool whites and textures.

Highly recommend the ceviche, guac (of course), and ANYTHING on the sushi menu! All the cocktails we tried were amazing too, so you definitely can’t go wrong with any of those.

Once we wrapped up our delicious lunch, we were escorted over to our private lounge chairs to spend the rest of the day soaking up the sun and waves!

Finally, for the main attraction: THE ARCHES! SUR has their own boat service that can take you and your group out to the Arches for some amazing photos! We had ours for about an hour, which was more than enough time to capture some great content and see the beautiful Arches up close.

To wrap up our trip, we spent our final evening relaxing back at El Ganzo’s spa and gorgeous infinity pool before grabbing dinner at a nearby local restaurant.

The hardest part of the trip was having to say goodbye to new gorgeous girlfriends. :( Sunday was the saddest day as we all parted ways, BUT luckily Chyenne and Kristin were able to record the cutest vlog that I can watch over and over to relive this trip!


- Both times I’ve visited Mexico, I’ve come back home completely eaten up by mosquitos. MAKE SURE TO PACK OR PURCHASE BUG SPRAY! For some reason they seem to hate Sean (idk how he got so lucky) but they’re deffo addicted to my blood, so I carried my bug spray around with me everywhere we went!

- Prepare for major humidity and pack accordingly! Our hotel room was the perfect temp (I always set hotel room A.C. to one step away from freezing to death) but literally the moment you step foot outside, you’re basically already dripping in sweat. No bueno.

- Now’s the time to bust out the hats! As women we remember to protect our skin, but oftentimes forget to protect our scalp and hair from the sun. I brought along my favorite Lack of Color hats and snagged the perfect hat box from Amazon to make travelling with them a breeze!

- If you know you’re going to be travelling between San Jose and Cabo, I’d suggest renting a car. The driving time was about 35-40 minutes between the two cities, and Uber services are a little wonky. Our rental car was a huge life saver and made driving around looking for places to shoot way more convenient!