Beating Vegas Heat with the Brita Filtering Bottle

This post is sponsored by Brita but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Summer here in Vegas has had a mind of its own. Most of May and June was gloomy, rainy, windy. It finally started creeping up to the 100’s in July, and we’ve just started hitting 110 and above!

Sean and I have been taking advantage of the daylight and getting an early start on our weekends. We’ve been waking up at the crack of dawn to drive out to different parts of our city, explore the outdoors, and of course shoot AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.


Since we’ve been making an effort to be more eco-conscious, we’ve been skipping on buying water bottles throughout the day and usually take a reusable water bottle with us. The only issue we’ve run into is when our bottles are empty. Anyone who lives in Vegas knows to NOT DRINK TAP WATER as it is, it’s super gross-tasting. So that being said, the Brita Filtering Bottles are a great alternative... Until they’re empty.

SOLUTION: My new favorite everyday accessory - the Brita Filtering Bottle. I’ve grown up using Brita filtered pitchers at home and was so excited to see that they’ve now come out with portable water bottles THAT INCLUDE A FILTER in the straw! We’re able to fill up from anywhere at any time without feeling guilty or contributing to the world’s plastic bottle epidemic. The filter is threaded right in to the top of the bottle and it filters as you drink. It also reduces chlorine taste and odor!

This last weekend, we took them along on our day-trip to Valley of Fire and stayed hydrated the entire journey. Having cleaner, great-tasting water is super convenient and actually saves us a bunch of money. I guess you just don’t realize how much you spend on water bottles (especially in Vegas heatwaves) until you stop doing it completely!

For those of you who are also interested in helping our planet and are addicted to water like me (it’s literally the only liquid I drink, other than wine duh), you’ll be happy to know that one Brita Filtering Bottle can replace 1,800 plastic water bottles a year! Now multiply that by how many people are in your household and you’ll be blown away by how much plastic you’re keeping out of our landfills!

When I heard the stats and saw pictures of how damaging single-use plastic has been to our planet and ecosystem, I was in total shock. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE help do your part to keep our beautiful Earth clean! One plastic water bottle takes about 450 years to decompose and if we keep up at the rate we’ve been going, by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean. :( One small change in your life, like switching to a Brita Filtering Bottle, can make an enormous difference in our future.